No Sex


As dinner concludes, I sit back in full disbelief of the woman that “Keisha” presents herself to be. Even though this is our fourth date, I truly feel as though our relationship is heading in the right direction. After finishing off my glass of wine, I get up to assist her in cleaning the kitchen. “What are you doing?” she asks then takes my plate and glass. “Let me take care of this, please.” An infectious blush hits my face as I make my way to the bathroom to wash my hands. Gazing at myself in the mirror, I notice the thoughts of sex enter my mind.

As I’m heading back to the living room, I’m bombarded with the scent of lavender. Keisha is on the couch, draped with a comforter, two full wine glasses, and a lit candle. Respectfully, I cozy up next to her, pick up the remote…

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About Muffie Bradshaw, Dating Coach

Muffie Bradshaw is an award-winning relationship blogger and dating coach who has been seen on The Steve Harvey Show. Other works include online magazines including, but not limited to, and With many relationship experiences, including breakups, dating successes and disasters, Muffie knows firsthand the mistakes women should avoid when going through the ups and downs of dating. Through her writing and coaching services, Muffie specializes in helping women reach a higher level of understanding regarding their dating lives through self-assuring decision making techniques, self-reflection and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) inspired methods.

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