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Muffie Bradshaw is an award-winning relationship blogger and dating coach who has been seen on The Steve Harvey Show. With many relationship experiences, including breakups, dating successes and disasters, Muffie knows the mistakes women should avoid when going through the ups and downs of dating. Through her writing and coaching services, Muffie specializes in helping women reach a higher level of understanding regarding their dating lives through self-assuring decision making techniques, self-reflection and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) frameworks.


A Message from Muffie

I’m sure you’re wondering why I have chosen this as a career. Well, thanks to my many dates and relationships that have gone terribly wrong and wonderfully right, I have been able to learn the skills it takes to get the most out of my dating experiences through self-reflection and setting standards.

“I have been able to help many women reach a higher level of understanding regarding their dating lives through self assuring decision-making, techniques and self-reflection exercises.”

Additionally, my current graduate studies focus on incorporating various therapeutic techniques and frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the client-centered approach and other various therapeutic strategies.


The Vision for My Clients

 I am not a “How-to-get-a-Man-in-10-days” type of coach! I am one of the few dating coaches who will design an individualized plan that is specifically geared to you with a special focus on self-reflection, growth and accountability. 

“Self-reflection, analyzing past dating patterns, setting standards and boundaries are the main goals I have for my clients.”

You don’t need to be dating anyone for that! Being a successful dater starts with you!


Coaching Specialty Packages*

 Online Dating (Client Favorite): I’ll help you create an eye-catching profile that is representative of you, find a dating site that fits you, give step-by-step pointers for online conversation and  provide a first-date coaching session.

First Impressions: Are you awkward? Do you find yourself laying things on too thickly on the first date? I’ll provide you with tips on how to create a first impression that captures your best personality without the awkwardness.

Image Consulting: Do you lack confidence because you feel fashionably challenged? 

I will assist you with anything from going over first date outfit do’s and don’ts to helping you create a new wardrobe or outfit to build your confidence. This includes shopping with you at a store or in your closet if you’re on a budget. 

One-time Date Coaching Session: Get questions answered or solve specific problems with one session in person, via phone, Skype or email.

*Please note that these specialty areas can be incorporated into the date coaching sessions or  they can be implemented separately.



Each session is 60 minutes in length and includes assessments, between-session exercises and email check-ups. The fee for date coaching is $65 a session or $240 for four sessions prepaid. If you would like to incorporate any of the specialty packages into the date coaching sessions please indicate as such during the consultation. Payments are expected within 24 hours before your appointment unless otherwise stated. PayPal and Cash App accepted. A free 20-minute consultation is available upon request. Happy dating!

Please fill out the contact form above to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!


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