Moments with Muffie: How Did Muffie Bradshaw Originate?

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4 Questions That Will Help You Break Your Unhealthy Dating Patterns

The easiest and most efficient way to break the cycle of unhealthy dating is to reflect on things in past relationships that were detrimental to your happiness and not conducive to your growth. Doing this will help you concretely define the negative habits and patterns that have contributed to your dating patterns and break the […]

Ask Muffie: I Keep Attracting Insecure Men!

Hey Girl,  So not even I can answer this. I keep attracting insecure men. I am an “empowerment enthusiast”, so I always try to give men a chance, even though I know it won’t work. My discernment is usually on point. However, I have question: Am I attracting insecure men because I’m appearing insecure or […]