Who Taught You How to Play?

Book excerpt from What the Heart Hears by B. Cherry: You’ve got a King in your hands, sis and you don’t even know it…heart, mind, and resentment won’t let him truly show it to you, because if he did you’d swear it too early in the game and you’d think him a Joker instead. Alternating masks when […]

Are you Settling?

Often times we are quick to label ourselves as “settling” if we renege on one or two expectations for a mate; but in all actuality, the determination of settling should not be dependent upon one or two wants that aren’t being met. Instead, settling should be based on specific needs that aren’t being met. Knowing […]

10 Things You Should Know If You’re Always Helping People

10. Help for the right reasons. Don’t help for the wrong reasons. Your help shouldn’t be coupled with ulterior motives, deceitfulness, vanity or selfishness. Your help should only be offered if you have a genuine desire to do so. 9. Know when to stop helping. Although helping others is often considered a life calling, you have to know […]