Single Bells, Single Bells, Single All the Way: 3 Things You Can Do to Get Out of Your Holiday Funk

If the holidays have you feeling gloomy and anxious because you’re the only one not sipping on cocoa in front of the fire with your boo, here are three things you can do to get out of your holiday funk:

Top 4 Dating Mistakes

4. Ms. Anti-Commitment You’re falling for him more quickly than you planned. The emotional connection that the two of you share goes far beyond the physical attraction. Although not anticipated, the two of you consider taking the non-exclusive dating relationship to a mutually exclusive level. He’s all in, but you’re not. You’re not exactly sure […]

Facebook: To Add, or not to Add?

You shouldn’t be Facebook friends with someone you’re dating. It’s that simple. When you choose to add someone you’re dating on Facebook, not only does it take the excitement out of getting to know someone the old fashion way, it leaves room for unnecessary pre-judgments and assumptions (I won’t even mention the honorary stalker pass).  […]