Who Taught You How to Play?

Book excerpt from What the Heart Hears by B. Cherry: You’ve got a King in your hands, sis and you don’t even know it…heart, mind, and resentment won’t let him truly show it to you, because if he did you’d swear it too early in the game and you’d think him a Joker instead. Alternating masks when […]

Are you Settling?

Often times we are quick to label ourselves as “settling” if we renege on one or two expectations for a mate; but in all actuality, the determination of settling should not be dependent upon one or two wants that aren’t being met. Instead, settling should be based on specific needs that aren’t being met. Knowing […]

10 Things You Should Know If You’re Always Helping People

10. Help for the right reasons. Don’t help for the wrong reasons. Your help shouldn’t be coupled with ulterior motives, deceitfulness, vanity or selfishness. Your help should only be offered if you have a genuine desire to do so. 9. Know when to stop helping. Although helping others is often considered a life calling, you have to know […]

Moments with Muffie: How Did Muffie Bradshaw Originate?

Hi Guys! I am excited to announce my new web series, Moments with Muffie. On #MWM I will discuss various dating hot topics with Liv from @LoveLivBlog. Be sure subscribe you my YouTube Channel for helpful dating content! #DateWisely Don’t forget to subscribe for new weekly episodes!

4 Questions That Will Help You Break Your Unhealthy Dating Patterns

The easiest and most efficient way to break the cycle of unhealthy dating is to reflect on things in past relationships that were detrimental to your happiness and not conducive to your growth. Doing this will help you concretely define the negative habits and patterns that have contributed to your dating patterns and break the […]

Ask Muffie: I Keep Attracting Insecure Men!

Hey Girl,  So not even I can answer this. I keep attracting insecure men. I am an “empowerment enthusiast”, so I always try to give men a chance, even though I know it won’t work. My discernment is usually on point. However, I have question: Am I attracting insecure men because I’m appearing insecure or […]

6 Reasons You Probably Hate Dating

1. You put boyfriend expectations on someone you’re just dating. He’s not your boyfriend so don’t place expectations on him that are merely boyfriend exclusive. Meeting his parents, giving you a house key and looking for getaways on Groupon is not a part of the initial dating process. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your thoughts […]

5 Things a Man Does When He Likes You

1. He’ll keep his word. As life occurs, so does overbooking, which means definitive plans will sometimes be cancelled. Understandable. However, if he is constantly rescheduling or canceling, his priorities are somewhere other than getting to know you.   2. He’ll make plans in advance and won’t make every date tentative and/or last minute. Spontaneity is cool, but not […]

Top 4 Dating Mistakes

4. Ms. Anti-Commitment You’re falling for him more quickly than you planned. The emotional connection that the two of you share goes far beyond the physical attraction. Although not anticipated, the two of you consider taking the non-exclusive dating relationship to a mutually exclusive level. He’s all in, but you’re not. You’re not exactly sure […]

Hall Pass

CommonTruce After years of living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, I’ve learned that it’s truly the mecca of single, attractive and progressive-minded women of color. If you take a survey, there is clearly a noticeable difference in the number of single, educated women in comparison to single, educated men. There are plenty of factors […]

No Sex

CommonTruce As dinner concludes, I sit back in full disbelief of the woman that “Keisha” presents herself to be. Even though this is our fourth date, I truly feel as though our relationship is heading in the right direction. After finishing off my glass of wine, I get up to assist her in cleaning the kitchen. […]

Why Men Need To Be Upfront

Simple and straight to the point, just like my martinis. Thank you for another great post, Common Truce! CommonTruce Fellas, it’s 2015 and there’s no reason not to keep it 100% honest with women! No more misleading a woman into believing that you actually want to be with her when you just want sex. Be […]

Part I: Men and the 8 Dating Categories

1. Mr. Dater This is the guy who you know is only good for going out on dates. He’s far from your type and only has 3 out of 20 qualities on “The List”, but there‘s something about him that keeps you interested. Usually, it’s a quality that would be considered shallow by most (i.e. He […]

Part II: Men and the 8 Dating Categories

( Read Part One Here! ) 5. Mr. Bad Boy This is a tough category for me to delve into because I have not had the experience of dating a bad boy since my freshman year of high school (Sorry, mom). Mr. Bad Boy doesn’t necessarily have an episode on The First 48 nor has he been […]

Ask Muffie: Should We Make it Official?

“Hi Muffie!! I recently rekindled things with a guy I initially met in 2009. When I met him he had zero children. Now he has 1 and one on the way by 2 different women. Every time I think I’ve shaken him somehow we end up speaking and making out again. Whenever we are together […]

From the Archives: Oh, You’re Dating Him too?

Having strong feelings, spending a considerable amount of time together, having sex, meeting the parents, etc. are not indicative of exclusivity. You go to the movies, meet for happy hour and have even gone on a few quick weekend trips. It’s the perfect relationship until you find out he is also having that type of […]

Top 5 Reasons You’re not Dating

1. Movie Nights If your weekends consist of NETFLIX rental every Friday night, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re not dating. Don’t get me wrong, having a movie night every now and then is cool, but not every weekend. I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely worthy enough to be taken […]